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Gabro S.r.l.
Dal sole più caldo e dalla terra più pura l'essenza di un grande olio italiano
Contrada Sisto fraz. Lauropoli -Cassano allo Ionio (CS)
Contrada Sisto fraz. Lauropoli -Cassano allo Ionio (CS)
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Product description: 
Extravirgin olive oil


Gabro Olive Mill A century long tradition. It was way back in 1909, the year in which Oronzo Brogna started to write the pages of the Gabro Olive Mill, a story of passion and love for the fruits of nature, gifts of our land. Sibari plain: the most fertile among the plains of Calabria, an area kissed by the Ionian Sea and protected by the Pollino mountains, where a mild clime has been pampering, for centuries, thriving and majestic olive trees.Since then, thanks to the prospective of the following generations, the company has continued the production of extra virgin olive oil exclusively; respecting, at the same time, quality, tradition and technological innovation. Gabro Olive Mill is today a leader in the production of A.O.C. (Appellation of Controlled Origin) Bruzio-Sibaritide Oil, produced with local olives from the Sibari area such as "Grossa di Cassano" and "Tondino", it is the prime product in terms of quality and production capacity in the organic field.


Ammonitore Mario Brogna
Chief Executive Officer / CEO