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Colacchio Food srl
Il gusto è Gioia!
Via Pascoli
Via Pascoli, S.Costantino Cal
Product description: 
Treccine, Tarallini, Artisan italian pasta bronze drawn
Iso 9001


Behind the traditional brand name of Colacchio Food there is a distinctive company. A typical Calabrian company which is able to blend traditional knowledge and techniques wi th technologie and revolut ionary production methods. THE TRADITION Colacchio products come from an artisan tradition passed on from father to son, respecting values and culture of authentic workmenship that with Colacchio has not been lost with the passing of time. THE TRUE SECRET OF ITS GOODNESS Each specialty has its secret. The secret of Colacchio's specialties is its region of origin, a region which has conser ved its ties with its quality of traditional recipes and as such is highly protective of its more traditional flavours and recipes.

Rocco Colacchio
Ceo Colacchio Food S.r.l.