Borgo dei Vinci

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Borgo dei Vinci
We preserve history with its flavours
C.da Lacquari SS106, S.Onofrio VV
C.da Lacquari SS106, S.Onofrio VV
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Product description: 
Fresh and seasoned typical italian cheese


Borgo dei Vinci® is a Calabrian dairy company. We produce cheese and dairy products using milk from the pastures of Monte Poro, sometimes combining local products, such as red chilli pepper and 'nduja. The aromatic herbs of Monte Poro give the local cheeses a flavour and typicality that is only found in this area. Our thousand-year old dairy tradition does the rest. Since the time of Greek colonization Calabria has been an area of ​​excellence for cheese production and its highest expression is the Pecorino cheese. At Borgo dei Vinci® we are extremely careful in selecting our suppliers, who must be local and respect traditional methods. We try to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge inherited from our ancestors, and use modern technology as little as possible. Our respect for tradition and our passion in wanting to protect its values are realized in a genuine and natural product. To ensure freshness, authenticity and a typical taste, the milk, which is produced by cows and sheep that move freely among the green pastures and the pure air of Monte Poro, where they eat fresh grass and good hay, is processed within 24 hours.

Vincenzo Vinci
Chief Executive Officer / CEO